Are You Ready to fix your marriage now?

Relationship Coaching Is for You If:

  • You are sick and tired of going to marriage counseling and/or therapy sessions just talking about your problems and nothing changing – making your situation worse.
  • You are tired of the ongoing, repetitive, depressing and energy-draining arguments and fights, and you don’t have the answers about HOW to fix it.
  • You love and respect one another and want to be together, but are stuck in unhealthy and exhausting relationship dynamics that you haven’t been able to find your way out of.
  • You are committed to the healing and transformation of your marriage, and it only takes ONE person to start the process. So, if your partner is not on board, that is okay!!! The transformational process is a personal one and it always STARTS WITH YOU.

Working with Us, You Will Learn How To:

  • Uncover Your Personal Patterns of Dysfunction That Have Gotten You To This Place in Your Marriage
  • Heal The Past.
  • De-Program and Re-Program The Patterns and Belief Structures That Are Holding You Back In Your Marriage and In Your Life at So That You Can STOP the Self Sabotage
  • Identify and Articulate your Wants and Needs
  • Listen Attentively, Truly Tune In To Your Partner, Respond Generously, and Get On The Same Team.
  • Set Limits, Boundaries, and Stand Up For Yourself From a Place of Authenticity and Loving Firmness.
  • Embrace, Appreciate, and Cherish What You Have.
  • Know When and How To Get The Proper Outside Help To Navigate Hot-Button Topics and Issues


How to Get Started: Book a Discovery Session



This first session is a “getting to know you” discovery session that can be done via internet or in person, where we will discuss your biggest relationship challenges, get clear on what the core problems are, get clarity around what it is you are wanting to create and your goals for moving forward, give our assessment on what the core issues are that need to be addressed ASAP, as well as lay out an individualized plan to move you forward from where you are now and into your healing, relationship repair, and ultimately – your recovery.

60 minutes: $147



These sessions are for individuals and couples who have already had a discovery session or have worked with us before to provide ongoing guidance to our clients on the healing journey.

90 minutes: $250

**These sessions can be done via Internet or in person at our office.